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Vermeer - CT612


The CT612 converts to transport mode quickly for easy highway towing between job sites. Built with a heavy-duty frame, the CT612 features a large-diameter drum that aerates compost to help you work more efficiently and effectively. Features a 6’ x 12’ (1.8 m x 3.7 m) windrow that can handle up to 1500 tons/hr (1360.8 metric tons/hr).



Vlastnosti a výhody

  • Switch to transport mode quickly and easily using tow tractor hydraulics and simple hand tools.
  • Work smarter with the CT612’s large-diameter drum, which allows more oxygen to infiltrate the windrow. Also, a long tongue and adjustable hitch allow for improved visibility and easy operation.
  • Work harder with the heavy-duty frame of the CT612, featuring structural steel tubing and a steel plate for added rigidity.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.